Domestic Violence: Misconceptions


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Table of Contents

Domestic Violence: Misconceptions

Domestic Violence Is a Crime

Historical Perspective of DomesticViolence

Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence

We Experience Violence Everywhere

Television, Movies, Music Videos and Other Media

Media Can Play A Role In Reducing Violence

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Violence Continuum Physical Abuse

Violence Continuum Emotional Violence

Severe Emotional Violence

Commonly Held Myths

Domestic Violence Is A Very Complex Problem

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Phases of the Cycle of Violence

Why Domestic Violence Occurs

Power and Control Wheel

Who Is The Batterer ?

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Why Do Victims Stay or Return After They Have Left ?

Why Do Victims Leave One Abusive Relationship and Get Into Another One?

Side Effects - Couples in A Violent Relationship

What Happens to The Children When There is Violence At Home

A Partnership to End Violence

Change Attitudes About Violence

Help Yourself So You Can Help Others



Common Questions

Recognize the Warning Signs


What To Do Next

Know Who to Call

Develop a Safety Plan

Help Everyone in the Family

Learn About Programs and Services in the Community

Healthy Relationships

Take Responsibility to End Domestic Violence

Author: Family Life Development Center